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December UFH Challenge – Show Us Your Stuff!

December’s challenge was an attempt to turn Christmas on it’s head – to make you stop and think about how gift giving could be done differently. Could you make all your gifts? Could you buy them all from small, local stores, or artisans?

From the song the Twelve Days of Christmas, some of the most popular gifts from days gone by revolved around something truly precious – food. From a partridge in a pear tree right on to eleven maids a milking. A legal ban on indentured servitude needn’t stop you from giving the gift of food but you’ll have to leave off the eleven maids.

Nor do you need to stop at food – but thinking of crafting something, or carefully choosing a themed combination of things, or giving someone an experience instead of something material all help out your pocketbook and your local economy and provide something even more special for the recipient.

Show us your stuff to Win!

{Note} The Bob’s Redmill giveaway is limited to US and Canadian participants – sorry!

Please share with us things you’ve made, experiences you’ve gifted or other non-commercial treasures. Do this by posting to your personal blog, a facebook page, tweeting, and leave either a link below to your blog or facebook page or comment below. Doing this will throw you in the running for either a copy of Amy Pennington’s Urban Pantry, or The Salvage Studio by Amy Duncan, Beth Evans-Ramos and Lisa Hilderbrand. And if the winner of the November grain challenge does not contact me by prize-drawing time one of you could also win the unclaimed $25 gift certificate from Bob’s Red Mill.

Please only leave one comment or link up one time since doing so is what enters you into the random drawing for prizes. I will leave this challenge open until Sunday, January 6 and then reply to commenters in this blog entry, or by email to those who linked up that won the random prize drawing. Good luck!