Gardening Giveaway

It’s time to start planning for what you’ll eat next year! For many who can’t grow all their own food that may mean simply taking stock of what pantry items you are going through so that you can make plans to buy from a local farmer and preserve as much of that as possible.

For others, however, that means planning for the spring/summer/fall garden. I belong to a rocking group of Seattle urban farmers and gardeners. We buy as many things in numbers as possible to get the best possible prices on chicken and goat feed and seeds. It’s also an invaluable chat group where you can take questions about which peach trees and grape vines to buy or what to do with sick chickens.

The last few weeks I’ve been organizing seed orders from many of the members and this week they all came! It’s total garden porn for me and I can’t keep my hands out of the boxes.

The first order I placed was with Uprising Organics, which is like a Seed Savers for the Pacific NW. I can’t say enough good things about the fine people running this company. They are committed to planetary stewardship and the preservation of heirloom seeds. They have 10 varieties from the ARK of taste which is impressive considering they are only a few years old.

And not only are they cool by virtue of profession but they just cool folks. When I explained to them that I wanted to save some of my seeds to design a starter garden as a giveaway they offered to send me some packets in contribution. When I got the box I couldn’t believe how many packets they had included – what a great garden package for one lucky reader! I’m even throwing in these cool new garden gloves that I saw and couldn’t resist.

These seeds were specially selected to do well in our short and cool Pacific NW summer but they should work equally well in any northern garden.

The seed list includes:
Super Lakota Tomato (missed the first time)
Siskiyou Sweet Heirloom Onion
Bulls Blood Heirloom Beet
Rainbow Carrot Mix
Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Spring Raab Rapini (Broccoli Raab)
Uprising Lettuce Mix
Blacktail Mountain Watermelon
Rainbow Swiss Chard
Flemish Antique Heirloom Poppy

Of course I had to plant my seeds right then.

To win this giveaway simply leave a comment on this post. Anyone commenting by midnight, February 14 will be eligible to win. On Monday I will do a random number generation using and announce the winner.

Good luck!

62 Responses to Gardening Giveaway

  1. Thanks for the information and the inspiration. The older I get, the more I like gardening.

  2. The giveaway turned me on to our site — cool, will keep reading, thanks!

  3. What fantastic inspiration! Definitely some changes we can make around here!

  4. Mama Papaya – I love the pic of the eggs on your banner and your two are beautiful!
    Jill – How cool! Where do you teach?
    Bob – glad you made it here. There is something so satisfying in eating food you’ve grown seed to table.
    Riki – good luck!

  5. Hi – I enjoy gardening but work full time so it makes it tough. I grew up in Cal (don’t hold it against me pls!) and my parents had orange, madrain oranges, lemons, avocados, peach, persimmon, pepper trees. We had a huge rose garden and grew tomatoes and peppers. We gave away grocery bags of avocados and oranges and lemons! I hate paying .50 for lemons!! Anyway, last year we planted a small garden: onions, carrots, zuchs, pumpkins, lettuce, sunflowers, tomatoes. I have a hard time with the tomatoes b/c of Seattle’s short sun and hot temperatures.

    We have a child with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and alot of time is spent doing things for him. But I wanted him to know about gardening and how satisfying it can be and how great your own veggies taste.

    Char Burke

  6. Annette – no need to enter me in the drawing since I’m sure others are better prepared to use the seeds – but wanted to give you a heads up that I am going to try for a better vegie garden this year than last. Be prepared for me to yell over the back fence for some gardening tips, ok? We are planning on having the pear tree cut back a lot so we can get more sun and reduce the hazard of pears falling on our heads while on the deck. But you’re still welcome to any of the pears you can gather. Love your blog!

  7. time to get my hands dirty!

  8. Char – I need to ask you what a pepper tree is, I’ve never heard of that. I researched avocado trees to see if I could grow one indoors and couldn’t find any info on it. Have you ever tried to grow one from seed? I’d love to help you design a Will garden! Just take notice of how many hours of sunlight your garden spots get so we can put things in the right place (try to draw a diagram for me.) Maybe I can come over next Sunday to peek at it and then draw up a map for you. :)

    Ronni – feel free to shout or email me anytime! I bet it will feel like purging to cut that pear tree back – I’ve never seen a pear tree that size before! If you make note of where you want to grow I can come over and help you plan it.

    Chris – I should have looked for a nail scrubber to include in the giveaway.

  9. KC – maybe you’ll consider guest posting about any changes you make?

  10. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks.

  11. I love how the internet can connect so many people toward a common goal. Saving on food cost, helping the enviroment, teaching out children about cycles of life or just enjoying the sun shining on our face. Gardening is one good health addiction that keeps with in touch with our souls and connects us my souroundings. Would love to entered in the drawing. I love growing seeds to grow and to hand out plants to people passing by.
    It is amazing what one small plant can do for someone!
    Happy Valentines all!

  12. A wonderful drawing – and such fun to have the opportunity to share seeds and group orders with the Urban Farm Coop group.