Lacto Fermentation Blog Carnival and My Food Preservation Strategy

I tried a few lacto-fermented foods in 2009 but I really plan to focus on fermenting things more this summer instead of canning.  It uses less energy, takes less time, and leaves more of the nutrients intact initially.  I say initially because over time they will oxidize which also happens when you can foods.  Freezing seems to be the most nutritious long term storage for foods.

My 2010 strategy, however, will be to put up fewer things and focus on truly eating seasonally.  When I do put things up I will focus on using lacto-fermentation first and plan to have a 4 month supply to carry us over to the next season of crops.

For instance, I had to harvest all the winter crops this month in order to start the spring/summer things.  This leaves us with lots of overwintered cabbage, kale and carrots in the fridge and none of those things will keep longer than a few weeks but it will be 6-8 weeks before the next round of things come in.  By fermenting the cabbage and carrots I can get them to last for months.

Lacto-fermentation was the earliest form of food preservation and we still have carryovers today in the guise of deli pickles, saurkraut and kim chee.  These very traditional foods are frequently made using vinegar today but the tastier and healthier forms were fermented rather than pickled.

If you don’t have a blog you can still participate by emailing me your entries which I can post and link to for you or by adding them in the comments. And if you do have a blog please link back to this entry when posting so we increase the number of fermentation experiments and get new ideas.

I’m excited to see what everyone has fermented!

Let me introduce you to my friend Mr. Linky.

Simply enter your name with a brief description of what you fermented like this (Sustainable Eats – Lacto-fermented Salmon) and then link to your blog entry where you’ve blogged about your fermented food. Mr. Linky is easy. And thanks so much for participating!

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  1. I was eagerly awaiting this carnival. I still have some other fermented recipes to share and do utilize this technique to preserve a lot of my home grown food. This post was from last year on 3 different methods of how I preserved my cucumbers and of course one did include fermentation. Great Carnival Annette!!

  2. Just created a new post especially for this carnival! My post explains what lacto-fermentation is and includes recipes for Korean Kimchi, Cortido, and Fermented Beets :D

  3. I linked up my favorite lacto-fermented vegetables recipes. Fun seeing everyone’s posts on this!

  4. I linked to a bunch of videos of me lactofermenting things, plus a couple of recipes, plus an added bonus entitled “Sauerkraut Is A Powerful Natural Aphrodisiac” with a link to a newspaper article!

  5. Hi! I hope kombucha counts. I haven’t fermented anything before so this will be fun!

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  7. Meg – it totally counts! Anything growing on your counter is fair game. :)
    Alex, I love your videos. They are really helpful for newbies who aren’t really sure what things should look like.
    Kat – Thanks for playing. I loved checking out your blog just now.
    Diana – I can’t wait to make your cortido! It’s been on my list for quite a while since I know my Pickle Man will love it and it’s cabbage. MWAH HA HA.

  8. I’ve been so excited about your carnival! I linked up two of my recipes – do you want more? I’m not sure if you have a limit or if you want us to add as many as we have. I don’t want to overstep. :)

  9. Wardeh – link as many times as you have entries! I’d love to have them all in one place like this so I can come back to it later and try them all. :)

  10. I’m excited to check this put and give it a try!! I made some sauerkraut about two weeks ago and it’s been sitting on the counter, but I don’t think the taste has changed much in the past week and it’s not up to my taste…should I just put it in the fridge and add more salt next time?

  11. Hi, thanks for hosting this carnival! I am sharing my homemade buttermilk and cream cheese recipes. I hope this is a welcome contribution amongst a lot of fermented vegetables, although I see someone contributed their mayonnaise, which I need to try as soon as my Wilderness Family Naturals mayo is all gone, which may be awhile! :)

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  13. Hi All,

    I really enjoy lacto-fermented foods and hope to get lots of great ideas from all of you. Check out my blog for Beet Kvass, which is a wonderfully, healthy beverage that is super easy to make. Thanks to everyone for your ideas and recipes.

  14. Hi there,
    Thanks so much for having this carnival!
    I’ve added links to my sauerkraut and kimchi, and I think I have a few others to add, too, so I’ll be back to link to some more!

  15. Sara, I wish my friend Charlotte was in town since she makes all the saurkraut for me. I tried once last year but the wooden lid for my crock swelled up and we had to drill it out. Now I just trade her for other stuff. Has anyone else on here made saurkraut? I know on the Sandorkraut site there is a FAQ that might answer too.

    I can’t wait to try the mayo, cortido and cream cheese!

    I’ll be leaving this post open so come back and add to it as you try things this year – it will be great to have one place where we can see a good listing of new things to try!

  16. OOH Winnie, garlic scapes will be up soon – sweet!!!! I think I’ll try asparagus too. Wonder how rhubarb would come out. Has anyone done that one before?

  17. Normally I make kraut, but we were preferring sauteed cabbage this winter, so I used rutabagas instead for sauerruben – Delicious!

  18. Nita I’m so glad you posted that! I was going to dig through your archives and link into it after the neighborhood easter egg hunt and my class tomorrow afternoon. :) Thanks for stopping by and saving me some time!

  19. Oops! I failed at naming my first link – sorry about that. Appropriately, it is for my failed marmalade.

    I’ve made sauerkraut, but only in a quart mason jar portion, so no danger of needing to drill. I ended up wishing I had let it sit longer, but it was pleasantly mild and tasty.

    Thanks so much for hosting the carnival!

  20. yay! what an excellent idea! Am lovin this!Thank yous!

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  22. I just made a new batch so I wrote up a new post about sauerkraut- it’s got red and green cabbage and is really pretty…can’t wait to eat it- thanks again for the carnival. I’m really looking forward to checking out everyone’s recipes!

  23. Hello!! I just found out about your carnival through Wardeh. I know miss it, but figure you would like the some of the stuff I have. I’ve been making ferments for almost 3 years now and LOVE it. I am looking forward to getting a garden going and building a root cellar to store the ferments from the garden. Hope you enjoy the recipes, especially the Costa Rican Chilero… so delicious!!!!!!!!!

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  25. Does anyone have a LF recipe for blueberries? I wanted to make jam, but I feel so terrible filling it with all that sugar to can it. Not to mention its so expensive to get that much good sugar. I want to make some yogurt cheese today so I will have whey to do some fermenting and I picked several pounds of blueberries last week, so it would be nice to use them. I have not fermented anything yet, so I was wondering what those air contraptions were for? All the recipes just say let it sit on the counter for some many days then refridgerate.
    BTW I am going to make butter from my fresh raw milk that I finally am able to get! I am very excited.

  26. Mama2Joel there is a berry one in NT that I’m sure could be altered. I don’t have it at my fingertips right now though. Lacto fermented fruit only lasts a few months, not as long as the veggies do. You can simply use mason jars too, you don’t need any contraptions. Can’t wait for your butter – that IS exciting!

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  28. It is great to have all of these fantastic fermentation recipes and info in one place like this!

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  32. I have a great new product for doing lacto fermentation of vegtables in canning

    The product is glass weights, shaped like a disc, that are made to keep the
    vegtables down in the jar during fermentation.

    If you go to this link:\

    you can see a picture of how they work.

    I can also give discounts to groups who want to do a combined order, just email me if you are interested.

    central Maine

  33. I know Richard – I just ordered 40 of them from you!! Hope you ship them soon.

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