A Cluck Cluck Here and a Cluck Cluck There and a Giveaway

Do you have chickens here and there, free ranging in your garden? Most people who have tried to do this realize quickly that chickens can ruin a vegetable or ornamental garden in no time flat if left to their own devices. Chicken-savvy gardener Jessi Bloom, however, has just come out with a gorgeous and creative book to help you come up with some clever solutions to keep both your hens and you happy.

This book covers just about everything you need to know from chicken basics and safety, neighborly considerations, and coops and tractors to plantings that deter or entice chickens. There are several chapters devoted to planning (with some great sample plans) and landscaping materials.

Jessi’s approach is unique in that she’s a landscape designer and a chicken owner. She’s seen many chickens and many gardens. The book covers a lot of ground with pictures of many different systems from small, urban lots to suburban and large acreage.

So if you already have chickens and want to put in a garden, or already have a garden and want to add chickens, or even if you already have a garden and chickens, this book is a must-read. The photographs are both amazing and inspiring and this book is chock-full of them.

It’s a Virtual Chicken Tour!
Jessi’s book is just recently out and this post is part of a virtual book tour on this here and these other fine gardening and chicken-friendly blogs:

Jessi at NWBloom.com
Gen at NorthCoastGardening.com
Erica at NWEdible.com
Theresa at LivingHomeGrown.com
Angela at MyRubberBoots.com
Kylee at OurLittleAcre.com
Willi at DigginFood.com

Want a Copy of Your Own?
Enter a comment on this post. The post will close for comments on midnight April 12. On April 13 I’ll do a random drawing to select a winner.

But Wait, There’s More
Not only is Timber Press giving away a copy of Jessi’s book, they are also giving away a copy of Storey’s new egg book as well!

Want a tip? Visit the other bloggers in the virtual book tour and enter their giveaways as well to increase your odds of winning something and discover some fun new blogs to follow in the process. Good cluck to you!

137 Responses to A Cluck Cluck Here and a Cluck Cluck There and a Giveaway

  1. This looks like a fabulous bood. We’ve kept chickens for years and would like to start incorporating more plantings for food for them. Great website!

  2. Really wanting to learn more about keeping chickens – the book looks like it covers information for many different situations.

  3. It would be great to be able to free range my hens without having to worry about my gardens being destroyed. Ideas welcome (other than lots and lots of tall fencing).

  4. great selection. this blog is filled with fun stuff – and free stuff too??!

    I’d love either book – the chicken one to see if it’s possible to do that here in my small yard (i wonder if there’s info on how to deal with neighbors/zoning issues – that kind of thing?) . I’d also love the egg book. My parents keep ducks and geese and there is no shortage of rich eggs!

  5. this is an AWESOME book and an equally awesome giveaway. thanks for the chance to win. ten

  6. I’d love to have the Egg book.. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  7. My three girls currently free-range all day. Would be great to learn how I can protect my plants / garden from being totally ‘landscaped’ by the hens while still allowing them to forage!

  8. I have both chickens and a garden, and I’d love to keep the chickens away from my kale. Bring on the ideas:)

  9. Would love to add chickens to my garden but don’t know where to start – would love this book to help!

  10. I would love this book. I have four new chicks and am an avid gardener so I need all the advice I can get.

  11. I MUST have this book, one way or another! My chickens will love me for it!

  12. This book looks brilliant! I hope the virtual tour generates lots of interest.

  13. Woot! I have been lusting over this book for a while. So excited

  14. What a great book, can’t wait to read it!

  15. the reason I should have this book
    is because I really need to look
    into the why’s and hows
    of animals smaller than cows
    with my girlfriend I’ll be off the hook

  16. Closing on 5 acres in mid June. Chickens here we come! :)

  17. Always looking to broaden my horizons, gardening and chickens is a part of my next stage. Thank you.

  18. Right now I’m trying to change the law. It’s a fight but one I’m hoping to do. Would love the book for when it’s done.

  19. I have 3 chicks (my first) I could use all the help I can get.I started eating free range eggs 2 years ago and can’t go back so I though I would do my own. I have a 2 ac. organic garden and 6 grandbabies to help.I’m hope to teach them good eating habits.These books would help me do it right the first time! If I win I will let you know how it is going!

  20. First of all, Curt’s limerick is awesome, brought a morning smile my way!
    Secondly, love the idea of this book- it’s a subject that is covered to a small extent here and there, but nowhere thoroughly. Wonderful resource!

  21. I would love the opportunity to learn more about raising chickens. Thank you!

  22. I would LOVE to win these books! We just bought 4 chicks this spring and are planning a part time free range backyard. There is no other resource like this book out there!

  23. Me and the girls (Penny & Ginger) would love to curl up on the porch swing with a good read such as this! Thanks for the chance :)

  24. Jeannie Van Popta

    Hope I win these! I really need them :)

  25. Both these books seem really interesting–thanks for the chance.

  26. Chickens are wonderful companions! I would want a few to live in my garden and help provide chicken manure and control the pest population.

  27. Thanks for a chance to win a book! I feel like I keep my gals behind bars too much in the springtime months in fear of them scratching up those tender new shoots, would love some tips!

  28. So there I was digging in my raised bed with the chickens alongside. And yes, we were both fighting over the worms. There must be a better way to garden with chickens!

  29. Love the blog and this book looks so great – filled with great tips and photos!

  30. Both books sound great! We could use some tips in raising our brood.

  31. Thanks for the giveaway chance!


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