May UFH Foraging Challenge Round 3: Forage for Dinner

image credit Langdon Cook, Fat of the Land

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Hank and Langdon have joined in for the foraging challenge because the collective knowledge of these two foraging gurus is extensive. I’ve been following both of them for three years now. If ever there is a local ingredient you can tap into on your own, it’s certain to be on one of their sites.

Langdon forages in my neck of the woods (literally), and like Hank, has gorgeously photographed meals prepared to the exacting standards of the highest foodie. His book, Fat of the Land, is an entertaining read that will get you excited to start your own foraging journey. At the end of this month it will be one of the prizes you can win for linking up with your foraging comments or blog posts. If you can’t wait until the end of the month to win it, you can support him by purchasing it through the link on his website. And if you are really lucky you may be able to attend one of his upcoming events and classes. See his site for a list of them.

Now head to his blog and then come back here at the end of the month to enter yourself in to the drawing for a copy of Langdon’s book and some other great foraging prizes. Go forth and forage!

9 Responses to May UFH Foraging Challenge Round 3: Forage for Dinner

  1. I’m both excited and scared for this months challenge! I’ve been wanting to learn more about foraging for a long time, but scared to do it. I’m going to take these challenges on and reconnect with my surroundings! Fiddleheads here I come!

  2. Ok I am going on to forage! ;0)

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  4. My 7 y/o son & I have been foraging around our house this spring, eating dandelions. Lately it’s been getting harder to find them, since the first flush is gone, but there are still ones to be found. He likes to collect the flowers so I can make dandelion flower fritters. He gets off the school bus & wanders around the house & brings back what he can find, he does this almost every day. He sure does get a kick out of foraging for food for his meals. :) Here is the post I wrote about how abundant they were just weeks ago.

  5. I, for the first time in my life, actually went and foraged some grub. It wasn’t anything to risky, but a challenge for something I had never tried! I wish I lived on the East Coast for fiddleheads.
    I made this simple Dandelion Salad. You can read about it here –

  6. This is something I really really want to learn more about. I have a friend who knows quite a bit and am planning to kidnap her sometime soon and go foraging. I would love to find some fiddleheads and try them out.

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