September UFH Challenge – Bartering

verb \ˈbär-tər\
Definition of BARTER
intransitive verb
: to trade by exchanging one commodity for another
transitive verb
: to trade or exchange by or as if by bartering
— bar·ter·er noun
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Origin of BARTER
Middle English bartren, from Anglo-French *bareter to do business, exchange, alteration of Old French barater — more at barratry
First Known Use: 15th century

Definition of BARTER
: the act or practice of carrying on trade by bartering
: the thing given in exchange in bartering
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Examples of BARTER

The tribes use a system of barter.
The explorers used blankets and other supplies for barter to get food from the native people.

First Known Use of BARTER
15th century


A few years ago, the word barter brought images of trappers trading for food goods at outposts to my mind. It was something you learned about in Economics but never really though much about. Today though, I try to do as much barter as possible. It will never replace cash, but it’s sure handy if you have, say, a full size apple tree and your neighbor has a full size cherry tree. Barter really shines when you have decided gaps in food production that someone else fills in perfectly.

And when I think of barter there is one person who comes to the forefront of my mind: the incomparable Kate Payne. Kate’s new book, The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking is utterly delightful and I will be reviewing it next week.

So for now I will send you over to Kate’s world, for the first of the September challenges. As always, come back here for new challenges and again at the end of the month to enter to win some great prizes including a copy of Kate’s book.

One Response to September UFH Challenge – Bartering

  1. Love this! I just traded editing work with a massage therapist (yes!), and today got a request to trade some fermented goods for tomatillos and eggplants. I’ve got some strawberry plants that need a new home…anyone in Southwest Colorado want to make me an offer?

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