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Seasonal Calendar

Since I haven’t been quite as busy as usual with the harvest due to this summer’s cool weather I’ve been thinking ahead.  I’ve created a seasonal calendar so that I don’t miss things like blackberries this year!  I hope you find this helpful, or at least entertaining.  This is the rhythm that I follow as I try to eat seasonally from the fruits of mostly my own efforts and those of like-minded local farmers.


  • Preserve lemons
  • Make lemon, orange and lime marmalade and freeze cubes of juice for summer jams
  • Start seed lists
  • Order seeds!


  • Start tomatoes and cole crops indoors
  • Start new cover crops and chicken forage in garden
  • Make onion jam
  • Make applesauce and apple jelly with any apples starting to dry out


  • Make enough soap and lotion to last through summer
  • Take inventory of canned and frozen goods
  • Host spring barter
  • Make IPA
  • Equinox!
  • Get new chicks
  • Start potatoes, peas, claytonia, sorrel, purslane, arugula, raab, spring lettuces outside


  • Pickle or ferment asparagus
  • Make rhubarb jam
  • Freeze rhubarb juice for summer soda
  • Move tomato starts outside under protection
  • Start carrots, parsnips, radishes, dill, cilantro outside
  • Fertilize flowering strawberries
  • Hill potatoes


  • May Day!
  • Start squashes, beans and corn
  • Dehydrate spring herbs and tea leaves
  • Make herbal extracts
  • Order lamb, pig and cow
  • Pickup first chicken package
  • Buy tuna from St. Jude
  • Start mushrooms


  • Make strawberry jam and dehydrate strawberries
  • Pickle ginger shoots
  • School out!
  • Pickle or freeze peas
  • Make raspberry jam and freeze berries
  • Celebrate solstice!
  • Start winter crops in trays
  • Pickle and ferment beets
  • Buy salmon


  • Take out pea vines and feed to goats
  • Dry mustard seeds
  • Pickle and ferment remaining spring carrots, drench beds with beneficial nematodes and start winter carrots
  • Make crab apple pectin
  • Make applesauce from early apples (ginger gold, king or lodi)
  • Dehydrate and can cherries
  • Can peaches and peach salsa, dehydrate apricots and make preserves
  • Beach trip!
  • Direct sow remaining winter crops
  • Braid garlic, dry onions, harvest early potatoes
  • Dry mint, lemon verbena, lemon balm, chamomile, Echinacea, elderberry and jasmine flowers and raspberry leaves for winter teas


  • Forage for elderberries and sumac, make syrup
  • Make zucchini relish, bread and butter pickles and kosher dills
  • Can, ferment or freeze eating beans, dry shelling beans
  • Freeze or dehydrate blueberries
  • Harvest late potatoes and peppercorns
  • Can or dehydrate tomatoes, tomato sauce, ketsup and ferment salsa
  • Go blackberry picking and make blackberry jam or syrup
  • Make plum jam and dehydrate plums
  • Plant turnips, rutabagas and cover crops or chicken forage
  • Pickup last chicken package from farmer
  • Pickup lamb


  • School Starts!
  • Dehydrate hardy ginger blossoms
  • Ferment or can pickled or roasted peppers, red chile sauce, hot sauce and fermented green tomato enchilada sauce.
  • Make beet and carrot kvass, sauerkraut, and kimchee
  • Take out zucchini, beans and tomatoes plants
  • Store winter squash, potatoes, onions and garlic in garage
  • Amend strawberry bed and cut down fruited raspberry canes, compost and fertilize
  • Make apple cider
  • Can grape juice and dehydrate grapes
  • Make kiwi jam and dehydrate kiwis
  • Dry and store almonds and hazelnuts
  • Press sunflower oil or dry flower heads to save seeds
  • Order olives for fermenting
  • Make elderberry syrup
  • Equinox!
  • Pickup pig and cow
  • Make and can bone broth
  • Stuff sausages
  • Cure bacon, ham and prosciutto
  • Smoke butt and other cuts
  • Render lard
  • Make cheese!
  • Smoke feta and chipotles
  • Attend fall barter fair


  • Cure olives
  • Make winter soap and lotion
  • Make beeswax candles
  • Forage for rose hips, make rose hip jam and honey
  • Mulch strawberries
  • Plant new fruit trees and vines
  • Store apples and pears in garage
  • Start Christmas Beer
  • Make chow chow
  • Make mustard
  • Plant crocus for saffron, garlic, shallots and onions
  • Make apple butter
  • Move red wiggler worms inside
  • Start indoor meal worms for winter chicken feed


  • St. Martin’s Day – eat goose!
  • Roast, puree and freeze winter squashes
  • Make pumpkin butter
  • Prepare Thanksgiving Feast
  • Make gingerbread houses
  • Make Christmas gifts
  • Host Jul Gift Barter
  • Forage for medlar, make paste or jam


  • Go Caroling!
  • Grandma arrives for two weeks – visit Santa, Candy Cane Lane, decorate tree, make cookies and candies
  • Bake Lucia Bullar and celebrate Santa Lucia
  • Solstice!
  • Prepare Jul foods ahead of time:  pickle salmon, make meatballs, prepare Johanson’s frestelse, make crackers and bread
  • Midnight mass
  • Glad Jul!  12 days of Christmas begin.
  • Enjoy, knit, quilt, read the rest of winter away